Joining & renewing your membership is easy. Dues are $150.00 per year. Our membership year runs July 1 through June 30.  Click on the appropriate link below.  You can either pay online or select to mail in your check or money order to P.O Box 23642, Elmwood, LA  70183.

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Member Benefits

If you are doing business within the Elmwood area, it is important to be part of the Elmwood Business Association. Regardless of your ability to actively participate in the EBA's adopted initiatives, your membership adds to the strength of our voice when we reach out to government officials on issues such as drainage or the Huey P. Long expansion that will affect your business in some way. Above and beyond these more global efforts, there are other benefits that are included in the nominal membership fees.  Those benefits are described below.   

Marketing Opportunties

The Elmwood Business Association member dues are lower than many other association so that  you can take advantage of our additional Marketing Opportunities that go above and beyond networking, on an as needed basis.  As a member, you have the exclusive advantage to any of  the marketing opportunities offerred through the EBA.  Through any of these opportunities, your advertising will not only reach the entire membership but also many of the other businesses located within the Elmwood area. There is no better way to get the attention of this target market of Executives and Business Owners with your advertisement or message.   

Member to Member Discounts

Many of our members offer discounts to other members. This advertising is FREE to Members that want to offer discounts to the Membership. Simply send your 1-page advertisement including the discount incentive for the Membership to [email protected]. As an active member, you will have exclusive access to a listing of discounts offered by these members that want to do business with you.

Discounted Events

Our Board and Committee Members host monthly events such as luncheons, breakfasts meetings, etc. from September through Mayof each year.  At these events, there is a guest speaker who will cover topics such as local government updates, educational topics and more. Take a look at our upcoming events here Upcoming Events.  If you would like to see some of our prior events, click here Prior Events.

Online Membership Management

The EBA strives to make participating in the organization easy. As a member,   you will be able to do several things online such as renew your membership, register for events,  update any of your contact information, etc. through your password protected profile. Additionally, your password gives you access to the Members Only pages of the website. Within, you will be able virtually order any marketing opportunties available to members as well as have access to search the business directory for any member to member discounts that may be available.

Online Business Directory Listing

The Elmwood Business Association encourages members to search the EBA's online directory when in need of services or products. By purchasing services and products locally, the Elmwood area will prosper as a whole. Take a look at our current directory here Member Directory.