Get Involved

The EBA relies on the participation of it's members to help make a difference. We encourage you to get involved with one of our committees.


Directed by the Board, Committee Members play a vital role in the execution of initiatives set forth for the organization. Below are the committees and their purpose.


The Communications Committee strives to increase and promote brand awareness of the Elmwood Business Association. Additionally, the Communication Committee works on initiatives that keep the membership better informed.  


The Government Committee is attuned to governmental/political polices that directly affect the area. The goal of the Government Committee is to keep abreast of government issues that affect the Elmwood Businesses and ensure that the membership has a voice with local officials that can make a difference.


The Membership Committee assists with strategies to gain new members and retain it's current members in order to maintain the organizations strength.  

Social Committee

The Social Committee organizes events and gatherings that keep our members connected and informed of issues that are relative to their businesses. Additionally, the Social Committee organizes charitable events and fund raisers.

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