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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Recipient: JPSO



Elmwood Self Storage & Wine Cellar

1004 S. Clearview Pkwy

Harahan, LA 70123

 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



Tues, April 21, 2020

Guest Speaker:

Lunch & Learn on

CYBER Security

Speaker: Vince Gremillion

of Restech



The Moore

 5616 Citrus Blvd.

 Elmwood, LA 70123 

11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.



Tues, May 19, 2020

Guest Speaker:

Jefferson Parish Emergency
Management Director,
Joe Valiente 
or representative
Mitch Theriot, 
Director of
Jefferson Parish Drainage 
Hurricane Season Preparedness
Jefferson Parish Drainage


The Moore

 5616 Citrus Blvd.

 Elmwood, LA 70123 

11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
















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Past Presidents

The Elmwood Business Association would like to thank the Presidents of our past for their leadership through our endevours. We know that these individuals were truely dedicated to the association and we are confident that the Elmwood Business Association could call on any one of them for guideance should we need it. Thank you to all Past Presidents for your service.  We would not be where we are now without you.


1971-72   Harry England (Gulf Bottlers/Pepsi Cola) 

1972-73   Harry England (Gulf Bottlers/Pepsi Cola) 

1973-74   Louis Riecke (Tulane Hardwood Lumber Co.) 

1974-75   Dave Cook 

1976-77   Ira Taylor 

1977-78   Norman Anseman (Luxury Spaghettti) 

1978-79   Sam Wool (Oliver and Wool Construction) 

1979-80   Tom Branton (Branton Insulations) 

1980-81   Jack Thomas (J. Dahl Thomas) 

1982-83   Jay Cohn (Delta Container) 

1983-84   Richard Bretz (Elmwood Building Specialties) 

1984-85   Charles Barnes  (Whitney National Bank) 

1985-86   Delores Bergeron (A-Z Office Supplies) 

1986-87   Pat Brackley (Brackley Construction Co.)            

1987-88   Tom Chambers (Tom’s Printing)    

1988-89   Bernard (Chick) St. Germaine (D.H. Holmes, Ltd.) 

1989-90   Max Derbes (Max J. Derbes, Inc.)              

1990-91   Michael Marsiglia (Charbonnet Construction Co./Marsiglia Const.) 

1991-92   Randy Martin (Randall C. Martin, CPA)   

1992-93   Kathy Webb (River Oaks Hospital) 

1993-94   Kathy Webb (River Oaks Hospital) 

1994-95   Tom Chambers (Tom’s Printing)   

1995-96   Randall Walker (Property One Industrial Group/The Industrial Group) 

1996-97   Stephen Wessel (Whitney National Bank/Guaranty Savings Bank) 

1997-98   Dick Spangenberg (East Jefferson Properties) 

1998-99   Howard Bennett (Howard Bennett Property Management)  

1999-00   Stacey Shane-Schott     (Favrot and Shane) 

2000-01   Patrick Boyhan (Screen Prints)     

2001-02   Jimmy Baum (Hibernia National Bank) 

2002-03   Greg Lier (East Jefferson Properties)    

2003-04   Brian Girardot (Community Coffee Co.) 

2004-05   Karen Braun (Hibernia National Bank) 

2005-06   Max Derbes (Max Derbes Inc.)

2006-07   Janet McCormick (1st Lake Properties) 

2007-08   John Tobler (Hernandez Consulting)    

2008-09   John Tobler (Republic Protection Group)  

2009-10   Kenny Bertucci (Bertucci and Labiche Private Wealth Mgmt.)    

2010-11   Christian Rooney (Flooring Depot/Commercial Flooring)   

2011-12   Christian Rooney (Flooring Depot/Commercial Flooring)

2012-13  Lisa George (Magnolia Physical Therapy)

2013-14   Debbie Borrello (Cort Furniture)

2014-15   Debbie Borrello (Cort Furniture)

2015-16   Donna C. Lowe (Harry Kelleher & Co., Inc.)

2016-17   Donna C. Lowe (Harry Kelleher & Co., Inc.)

2017-18   Cindy Hart (1st Lake Properties)

2018-19   Cindy Hart (1st Lake Properties)